Why I’m building another chronic pain tracker

As the husband to a courageous wife who battles everyday with fibromyalgia and endometriosis and the father to an innocent toddler who was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain is unfortunately something our family is all too familiar with. Sleepless nights, frequent doctor visits, hospital stays, giving shots to a terrified little boy, the list goes on of all the things we endure each day. And to stay on top of it all, we’ve found it incredibly important to take lots of notes and build our own personal health records.

The notes ended up in either notebooks, pain journals or spreadsheets. It was good that we had a place to look back on to tell new specialists what our previous treatments or diagnoses had been, when we wanted to see what medications worked and what didn’t, and when we tried to find patterns in certain symptoms. But there came a point where I was tired of digging through old notebooks and trying to find patterns, organize everything and have one source totally up to date. So I, as a web developer, decided to build a website that handled it all for us and gave us even more insight into how the chronic illnesses were affecting my wife and son. Painleave is truly a passion project built out of the desire and love I have for my family and making them better. I just want their pain to leave, once and for all.

It’s bigger than tracking pain

The ultimate goal of Painleave is not to be another pain tracking app. There are plenty out there (although I personally couldn’t find one I loved and would use daily). The big picture for me is for Painleave to facilitate the improvement of people’s lives by helping them live with less pain. We have to start somewhere, so right now our website is a place to store all your symptoms, information from doctor visits and medications.

Throughout my intimate exposure to chronic illnesses, I’ve had so many “I wish” moments.

I wish there was a way to see exactly how your body reacts when you eat this thing.

I wish we could show your doctors every activity you do, thing you eat and how it makes you feel.

I wish every medication you’ve taken was matched up with exactly how it made you feel

I wish we could graph all your symptoms and triggers and see a detailed breakdown

I’m finally making all these wishes that I know so many others have come true with Painleave. The goal of improving thousands of lives will be accomplished by providing the ability to see into your chronic illness in the easiest way possible and then partner with doctors to treat the illness at a micro personal level.

What’s next?

There will be lots of things coming to Painleave in the very near future. I’m talking with many of our early users to ensure that the core product is offers as much value as possible. Some of the immediate features we’ll be adding are:

  • Detailed graphs and information tying symptoms, visits and medications together
  • Daily reminders to track your pain
  • Integration with doctors so you can better organize diagnoses and treatments
  • Beautiful downloadable/printable reports for you and your doctors
  • A better way to keep track of ongoing symptoms and episodes
  • A more precise way to quickly take notes during doctor visits
  • The ability to add more detailed information when recording symptoms

And much more! All of these will be available under our Painleave Premium plan, for a low monthly fee.

Now that lots of people are using Painleave, the future isn’t 100% shaped by my family’s immediate needs, but also by those of our users. I’m asking for your help to build something that will benefit you the most by creating an account, tracking your activities and leaving your honest feedback. It’s incredibly simple and rewarding that you can shape the future of something I hope you will come to rely on and trust to help you live in a little less pain.

Thank you to all our early users and I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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