Using Painleave like a mobile app

We’ve had a lot of questions about where to download the Painleave mobile app. At this time, Painleave is not a mobile app. It is a responsive web application that requires a web browser to access. Having a native app is a pretty highly requested feature that we’ve heard from our early customers about and we do have plans to build an app in the future. However, for the time being, I wanted to share a little trick that you can use on your phone to make Painleave feel a bit more like a native app.

Saving to your home screen

On iPhones and Androids, you can save web apps to your home screen so they show up on your phone with an icon that looks just like an app icon and gives you easy access to opening up Painleave.

On an iPhone, just open up and tap the rectangle icon with the arrow in it on the bottom. Then tap “Add to Home Screen”. Voila!

Very similarly, on an Android phone (using the Chrome browser), open up  and tap the 3 vertical dots on the top right. Then tap “Add to Home screen”.

That’s it! Since our application was designed mobile first, it will scale to fit whatever device you’re using. On a phone or tablet, it’s laid out more like an app than a website so, coupled with saving the icon to your home screen, it’s the next best thing from a fully native app.

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