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"With Painleave, I have a much better understanding of where my pain comes from, which has led to better diagnoses and, ultimately, less pain from fibromyalgia." - Katelyn Hetzel

An aid in your journey to a life free of pain

Painleave is a super straightforward website to keep track of and monitor chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, back pain, lupus or MS. It helps in managing treatment processes and finding what kinds of things trigger that unwanted pain. Painleave allows you or your caregivers to:

  • Record symptoms & uncover their triggers
  • Organize everything your doctors tell you
  • Keep track of your medications
  • Gain a deeper insight into your condition
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  • Record symptoms with Painleave

    Record your symptoms

    Keep track of your moments in pain to develop a thorough understanding of when and why your symptoms occur. It's a great way to communicate with your doctors and loved ones and lays the groundwork for treatment.

  • Record doctor and hospital visits

    Remember what doctors said

    No more forgetting what "that one doctor said". Keep a detailed history of all the diagnoses, treatment plans and advice medical professionals have given you. Painleave works great to take notes while you’re in the exam room!

  • Keep track of your medications

    Keep track of your medications

    Can’t remember when you last took your dose of that medicine? No more worries there! By keeping track of the medicines you take and when, you can start to see which are effective and which might be causing unwanted side effects.

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  • See what triggers your pain

    With advanced reporting and analytics, you'll be able to better visualize with graphs and timelines when exactly you feel the most pain and, most importantly, why. This is what will link your symptoms with your daily habits and other triggers.

  • Know if a doctor is helping or not

    Keeping track of what doctors is a core feature of Painleave. But having the ability to connect doctor's sugestions and prescriptions with real-time results will better help you see which doctors is helping the most.

  • Customized reports to bring to your next appointment

    Keeping track of your own wellness is great. But taking that to your doctor to show them exactly when and why you're in pain is way better. With Painleave Premium, you'll be able to show your doctor everything!

  • Get a grip on all your prescriptions

    With Painleave Premium, you'll be able to record much more sophisticated detail about all the medications you take.

  • Keep up to date on the whole family's medical history

    Painleave Premium will offer the perfect place to keep up to date with your entire family's health synopsis. Even if one member of the family struggles with chronic pain them ost, it's always great to keep tabs on the rest of your beloved.

  • Do whatever you want with your medical data

    Your health is your health. Painleave will always let you have data exports of it, but with Painleave Premium you'll get even more detailed and succinct exports of your health data to analyze and use.

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